oPass Personal

iPhone Password Manager

Designed for the iPhone
The app is designed specifically for the iPhone, using security features available only on iPhones. These security features make the iPhone the most secure place to store your accounts and passwords, more secure than desktop or laptop computers, and more secure than storing data in the cloud.

Minimizes attacker options
The app is designed to minimize the "attack surface" available to attackers, so attackers have the fewest - and most difficult - options for stealing your account information and passwords.

Uses only Apple software
The app uses only Apple software. The app does not use software from other sources, such as open-source software or purchased software, because this software may not adhere to the same security standards as Apple’s, and it could be more likely to contain malicious software designed to steal your data.

Uses a more secure software language
The app is written in Apple’s new programming language (Swift), which Apple designed to be more secure than the legacy language used for many older iPhone apps (Objective-C).

Does not share data to other devices
The app does not share data with other devices. Other devices, including laptops and desktop computers, do not have the same extremely high level of protection provided by the iPhone.

Does not connect to web sites or cloud services
The app does not connect with web sites or cloud services because these connections increase the risk of someone stealing your passwords. The app makes no network connections to any computers.

Respects your privacy
The app respects your privacy. It does not scan your phone and it does not collect data from your phone. There is no registration. The app does not collect your email address or any information about you. There is no record of your use of the app - the app’s creator has no information about who has downloaded the app or is using it.

Does not charge a subscription fee
There is no subscription fee. The app is free for up to 20 accounts, then there is a one-time charge of US$3.99 for a permanent upgrade to unlimited accounts.

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