oPass Personal

iPhone Password Manager

​​​​​​​​​Easy to use
oPass follows a natural Apple-like “look and feel”, making the app very easy to learn and use.

Fast password lookups
The app is designed for very fast password lookups, with a minimal number of “touches” required. This lets you login to web sites or other accounts as quickly as possible.

Highest possible security
The app is designed to provide the highest possible security, using the iPhone's unique security features designed to stop the most sophisticated attackers. 


Keeps track of all kinds of accounts
You can use oPass to keep track of  all your accounts - bank accounts, credit card accounts, social media accounts, airline and hotel accounts, workplace accounts, etc. You can use the app for any secret or sensitive information, such as social security numbers, lock combinations, wifi passwords, PIN codes, etc.

Lets you organize accounts into categories

You can create categories for your accounts, to make it easier to find your accounts and manage them. For example, you can create a "Work" category for all your work-related accounts, a "Financial" category for bank accounts, etc. You decide your category names and the categories you want.

Lets you search accounts
You can search your accounts. For example, if you want to find your Marriott account, you can begin typing "marriott", and the search will show matching accounts as you type.

Lets you attach documents to accounts
You can attach documents to your accounts, such as screenshots of confirmation codes, photos of account documents, and PDFs of statements. Documents can be imported from a variety of sources - including mail, messaging, AirDrop, the photo library, and the camera. You can export documents to other apps (such as mail and messaging), and you can print documents directly from the app. Documents receive the same security protections as the rest of your account information, and documents get saved and restored with oPass in backups.

Provides multiple views of accounts
You can see your accounts listed in different ways. For example, you can see your accounts listed according to most recently accessed, making it easier to find accounts you recently accessed or added. Alternate views of accounts are accessed by swiping left and right.

Protects your accounts if a friend is using your phone

Sometimes you may let someone use your phone, for example while you are driving and need someone else to send a text or adjust the music. To protect your accounts in this situation, you can use FaceID/TouchID to guard access to the app.

Makes it easy to use good passwords
oPass makes it easy to use good passwords. The app makes it easy to use a different password for each account. For accounts needing the highest security, oPass makes it easy to use long, random passwords. 


Creates good passwords for you

Ever have trouble figuring out a new password for an account? oPass can generate a password for you with a single click.

Keeps passwords on your phone
The app stores your passwords on your phone, and only in your phone. Passwords are never stored in a web site or someone’s cloud. The app never sends your passwords anywhere - not to iCloud, a web site, or any other computer.


Protects your passwords if your phone is lost or stolen
If your iPhone is lost or stolen, your passwords and account information are protected by the iPhone's built-in security, designed by Apple to make it impossible for anyone - including criminals and government agencies - to access your data. 


Protects your passwords in backups
oPass uses special features of the iPhone to protect your passwords in backups. 

Never communicates with any other computers, Internet web sites, or clouds
The app never communicates over the Internet. It does not make any network connections to any web sites, clouds, or other computers. The app does not use Wifi, Bluetooth, or carrier networks.

Never scans your phone
The app never scans your phone. The app does not access your contacts, email, calendars, reminders, location, motion activity, or any other phone or app data or files.

Does not collect data from your phone
The app never collects data from your phone. The app does not send information to any other place.

No setup
The app can be used immediately. There is no registration, so you don’t provide an email address or any information about yourself.

No record

The app's creator has no information about who has downloaded the app or is using the app.

No ads
The app does not display ads or collect any information for advertising purposes.


No subscription fees

The app does not charge monthly or annual fees. The app is free for up to 20 accounts, then there is a one-time charge of $3.99 for unlimited accounts. There are no other charges and no subscription fees.



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