oPass Personal

iPhone Password Manager

​​​Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how oPass Personal safeguards your privacy.

Data collected by the app
The app is a zero-data-collection app. The app does not collect data about you or perform any tracking of any kind.

The app requires no registration or identification - use of the app is completely anonymous to the app developer.

Data stored by the app

The app stores the account information you enter into the app. Account information consists of: 

  • account names
  • usernames
  • passwords
  • website addresses
  • account categories
  • account notes
  • account documents (photos and PDFs)
  • document notes

Where the app stores your data
The app stores your account information only on your iPhone. Data is stored in the app's private storage area (known as the "sandbox directory"). The app does not store your account information anywhere else.

How the app protects your data when it is stored
The app leverages Apple's Data Protection features to store your account information with the maximum possible iPhone protections. These protections encrypt the account information stored on your iPhone, using AES256 encryption built into the iPhone hardware. Apple designed these features to make it impossible for anyone to access your data unless your iPhone is powered on and unlocked. You must have a passcode on your iPhone for these protections to be effective.

Data transferred by the app
The app does not share data with other apps or devices. The app does not communicate with other computers or devices.  The app does not connect to the Internet or to any websites or cloud providers. 

The app does not transfer any of your account information, unless you explicitly take action to transfer data by copying data to the pasteboard (clipboard) or by exporting documents (photos and PDFs) via a share action.

Permissions the app requests
Face ID and Touch ID: If you have a phone capable of Face ID or Touch ID, you can allow the app to use Face ID or Touch ID to guard access to the app. Face ID and Touch ID are under the control of Apple - the app has no access to Face ID/Touch ID readings or data.

Camera: To use the camera to import photos into the app, the app requires permission for the camera. When this setting is enabled, the app activates the camera only when you select the camera in the app. The app cannot take pictures on its own - you must take a picture while the camera is activated in the app.

Photo Library access
The app can import photos from your photo library. The app uses a recently-added security feature in the iPhone which allows the app to access only the photos you explicitly select, and only at the time you select them for importing into the app. The app has no access to any of your photos at any other time.

Upgrade to Unlimited Accounts
The app allows you to purchase a permanent upgrade to unlimited accounts. This purchase is handled as an In-App purchase by Apple. Apple conducts the purchase transaction and notifies the app of the success or failure of the purchase transaction. Only Apple has access to the payment data stored in your Apple account (such as credit card data). The app has no access to your Apple account or to any of your payment information.


If you make backups of your iPhone (recommended), Apple will make copies of the data on your iPhone, including the data stored by the app. You should understand how to protect backup copies of your iPhone. For more information, see https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203977.

Passcode access
The app cannot access your iPhone passcode.

Third-party software used by the app

The app does not use software from sources other than Apple.

Deleting your data
Deleting the app from your phone deletes the account information stored by the app.